Designing Elegant Tech Solutions

I’m currently working with a client to help them solve some technical challenges in their environment.

They have some less than elegant technical solutions and things aren’t running very well.

And so, they’re ready to make a change.

Now every IT guy has their own style.

Their own way that they do things.

And as a result each IT guy or gal leaves what is known as a technical fingerprint.

Their former IT guy was no different.

Given 2 or 3 options to solve a problem and this guy always chose the same option.

Unfortunately, it was the option of least experience.

Now my goal here is not to trash talk the last IT guy.

That’s not the point.

I am merely sharing with you a common situation that businesses put themselves in.

And that is...

Putting someone in a technical leadership role when they’re not qualified.

And as a result, their business suffers, productivity is lost and money is wasted.

Designing elegant technical solutions is a skill that is learned it through experience, exposure and education.

It’s not that most people in the technical field don’t have these 3 qualities.

They do.

More so, it’s the amount of or quantity that they possess in each area.

It’s kind of like the difference between a high school diploma and a PhD.

They’re both good educational landmarks.

One’s just more.

With this specific client we’ll be implementing some new solutions to solve their problems.

We’ll also be make their lives a little easier and making them a lot more productive.

It’s great to see people’s expressions when you share with them an elegant technical solution.  

They’re like oh yeah!

Let’s tech this up!

Well, sort of.

They just smile.