You Should Get A Password Manager App

Last week I was working in a client environment and needed a password while doing an assessment.

So I went to the person that would most likely have the password and asked them for help.

They pulled a piece of paper out of their wallet and proceeded to unfold it.

On this piece of paper they kept all of their passwords.

Their personal passwords.

And their work passwords.

It's moments like these when I shrug my shoulders and then politely say...

Have you ever considered using a password manager to keep track of your passwords?

Some people take me up on it.

Still most consider it too much of an effort to make a change.

I’ve been using a password manager for years and years now.

And using a password manager can be a small life-changing experience.


No more nasty spreadsheets.

No more pieces of paper.

No more sticky notes.

Imagine all of your passwords in one place.

Accessible from any device.

From anywhere in the world.

I keep track of hundreds of passwords just for my own stuff.

With all of the different apps and services that we use online these days you really can’t afford to not have a password manager.

Shameless plug.  I use LastPass.

But there are a bunch of other good password manager apps out there.

Stop with the paper, the stickies and the mess.

Get a password manager app please.