New Client Tuesdays

I’m out on the road today heading to a new client.

Now I don’t get new clients every Tuesday, although it seems like it lately.

Last week I just so happened to being onboarding for a new client on - yep, you guessed it,  Tuesday.

Hence the title New Client Tuesdays.

What’s interesting about this new client and last weeks new client is that they were both facing the same challenge.

They lost data.

Then they lost some data again.

And then it just got to a point where they needed to do something.

So they found my company and now we’re on a path to help them get their tech right.

Maybe I should change the title of this article to - We need to stop meeting like this?

But the reality is that most companies don’t make a change or look for a new IT company until something bad happens.

And typically it needs to happen a few times before they decide to make a change.

Even so, I’m happy to help get a business on the right path to getting their tech right.

It’s what I do.

I’m grateful for another new customer.

Now let’s go get their tech right.