3 Tips For A Successful Office Move

I’ve been involved in quite a few office moves lately.

Clients are growing and as a result they need more space.

In working with clients I always provide the following 3 tips.

Tip 1 - Plan In Advance

The first tip is to choose your new location well in advance.

I know this sounds silly and this may even sound obvious to you but consistently across several companies over the years the one biggest challenge is always time.

When you plan well in advance it gives everyone else downstream the ability to plan and meet deadlines.

Waiting until the last minute to make a decision or sign a lease causes all sorts of trouble.

Tip 2 - Check Your Tech

Make sure your new location is tech ready.

Make sure there is high-speed Internet access available at the new location.

Make sure the providers that are available at your new location are the providers you like and would want to use.

If not, you will need at least 120 days to get service installed.  Caveat.  If it’s possible.

I’ve seen several situations where businesses really liked the location but didn’t check for internet.  As a result they ended up with slow undersized Internet access.

Tip 3 - Don’t Settle

Make sure the space is right for you and your business.

Your business is your home away from home.

It’s your dream.

It needs to be planted in a good place.

I’ve seen so many people make decisions that hinder growth.

I’ve seen situations where people settle with a bad office layout.

It’s silly how people settle when they really don’t need to.

Sure sometimes it may cost a little more to not settle.

But when your business is in the right space.

Culture, productivity and sales grow.

So there you go.

3 free tips.

Plan in advance, check your tech and don’t settle.

While this may seem like common sense and I know I say it a lot.

It’s not.