Don't Be A Humperdinck

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Princess Bride then you know who Prince Humperdinck is.

He’s the confident and no so confident leader of the land.

A.K.A. the boss.

Early on in the film we are introduced to Prince Humperdinck who confidently states.

Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong.

While boastful and proud at the beginning of the film Humperdinck begins a downward spiral soon enough.

And there is a lesson in this for all of us.

Through our upbringing, beliefs and environment we create our own insecurities.

We hide behind whatever mask or title we can find.

And each day, no matter the circumstance, we play our role.

At the end of the movie Humperdinck finally gets called out for what he is.

And the funny thing is that accepts it.

Parallel this with our own lives.

Sometimes we are so good at being insecure that we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re not.

That we are indeed the characters that we have created for ourselves.

And while it’s good that Humperdinck admits to his insecurities.

He never does anything about them.

Are you the Humperdinck your business?