People Process Product Tech

For many years I’ve use the phrase People Process Systems to describe to the 3 core areas of business that need focus in order to grow, scale and succeed.

Along my journey, I’ve helped different companies and learn different viewpoints.

For example, when working in the Software-as-a-Service (Saas) world for example, companies use the phrase People Process Product.

It’s an outward facing phrase but still very applicable to a software or product-based company.

Lately I’ve been considering starting to use the phrase People Process Tech as a sort of a version 2.0 of my methodology.

Partly because companies don’t put a lot of value on their tech.

And because quite frankly - I believe your tech needs focus.

But then i got to thinking maybe I’m missing something.

Maybe this dang rule of three rhetoric thing is getting the best of me.

And so I’m going with 4 areas.

Kind of like when I went I came with The Cloud 4 for 4.

So for now the complete picture is...

People Process Product and Tech.

And with this 4 pack we would cover all of the bases.

Knowing where to focus makes all the difference.

People | Process | Product | Tech 

Think about it.