7 Signs It's Time To Outsource Your Tech

Many business owners don’t like to ask for help.

They’ve been around a computer or two.

And as a result, they entertain thoughts like...

“Working with an outsource vendor seems expensive and complicated.”

“Hiring an in-house IT guy is for sure out of the question.”

“I can handle this IT stuff.”

And so they do as many small business owners do.

They decide to suck it up and do their tech themselves.


They make a mistake.
Or run out of time.
Or simply burn out.

Even if they’re a tech expert, there are for sure - better uses of their time, energy and skills.

If this situation sounds all too familiar to you, it might be time to follow your instincts and get yourself an IT Company.

But how can you be sure it’s the right time to outsource your IT?

When is that magic moment?

The reality is that there’s not one single “right” time to outsource your IT.

There are actually several.

The following moments and milestones will indicate that your business is in the right place and right time to consider making the switch.

1 - You Lack Focus
Yes you!  Look in the mirror.  Are you spending too much time getting involved in techie things?  By outsourcing your IT you will be less likely to be distracted and be able to focus on real priorities such as running your business and caring for your customers.  Ask yourself, are you really prepared to handle IT issues yourself? And why would you want to? Offloading your IT and leaving it in the hands of ‘experts’ will save you time, money, and frustration.

2 - You're Not Getting Your Money's Worth.
If you’re doing your own IT.  You’re definitely not getting your money’s worth.  You’re likely overpaying.  Even if you’re fortunate enough to have one guy who runs around and puts out fires.  You’re still not getting your money’s worth.

3- You Just Need More
The world of technology is always changing. If you don’t currently have the proper IT resources available, the symptoms of an IT problem may be bandaged for a bit, but never addressed at the root.  This leaves your technology in a break-fix cycle that is never ending.  You’d like to do more with your tech.  But you can’t.

4 - You're Worried About Security
Have you been hacked yet? Has a phishing scam almost cost you a pretty penny? There are many areas of IT security that challenge business owners. Email security, device security, firewall management, data backups, and more. These tasks can be overwhelming and deciding what to do first can be confusing. By putting all of this in the hands of a managed IT service provider, they’ll have the time, talent, and resources to handle it. They will have the familiarity with the best tools available, and the experience to prioritize the work. Shifting the burden to meet standards and security requirements for your organization will allow you to sleep at night.

5 - Your Business Is In The Midst Of Growth
When business is booming, an IT Company can provide the expertise and perspective needed to not only ensure it stays booming but can offer ways to leverage technology to grow bigger and faster.  Whether strategizing with you as a co-navigator and providing your with relevant data and metrics, an IT Company can empower you to lead to the best of your ability.

6 - You’re In Trouble
If you’re concerned about being audited due to FINRA or HIPAA shortcomings, an IT Company can put your mind at ease and get your organization ready for any likely or scheduled investigation. A professional technologist can help you prepare by organizing and preparing your IT environment. It’s our job, and we’ve been there before.

7 - Change In Leadership
You’ve just stepped into an organization as CEO, CFO or COO and don’t know what you’ve inherited from a technology perspective.   Engaging and IT Company to perform and assessment and analysis of your IT environment can really help to get you off the right foot as you lead your organization.

At the end of the of day.  You know what they say about the present.

There’s no time like it!

To be candid - there’s no point in waiting for the “right time,” because there isn’t one.

If you’re carrying the load yourself or dealing with a technical issues, you should act sooner rather than later.

A good IT Company will make you wonder: “Why didn’t I outsource earlier?”

Regardless of your business’s current circumstances, outsourced IT is designed to save you time and money.

And when you’re the owner of a growing business, you could always use a little more time and money.