4 Tenets - Productivity

Often referred to as the Holy Grail of tech.

The 4th Tenant of Tech is Productivity.

While the other 3 Tenets focus primarily on backend infrastructure with some user interaction - Productivity is the real star of the show.

Once your tech infrastructure is in place and your tech is headed in the right direction you can now have meaningful conversations around Productivity.

This includes topics like line of business applications, productivity apps, mobility and automation.

Productivity is where business and technology intersect.

Sadly many businesses never realize the Tenant of Productivity.

They get stuck in the mud.

They struggle to use basic office apps like Word and Excel.

And as a result - those businesses don’t grow.

Some of the best discussions I have are around implementing Productivity.

How to move the needle.

How to take a business to the next level.

Basically, how to grow or go faster.

When we’re talking about Productivity discussions are focused on making something happen.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as how to maximize something.

Other times it’s more involved and transformational.

But no matter how you slice it.

The end goal is Productivity.

It’s the art of efficiency.

It’s enabling your people, process, tech, and products with the ability to flow effortlessly.

It’s what every business should aspire to.

It’s success.

Be productive.