4 Tenets - Security

It should go without saying that Security would be included in the 4 Tenets.

And while Security can be a broad subject - it can be summarized as follows.

An organization’s livelihood is based on their ability to secure their staff and clients through process and technology.

There are all sorts of items that make up a companies Security posture.

From simple things like using strong passwords to more advanced subjects like implementing digital loss prevention.

Some companies are required to be compliant based on their line of business.

Financial services, medical and public companies are examples of a few.

Even if your company does not operate in a regulated industry it’s still a good idea to implement general Security best practices.

For one, it helps to reduce the possibility of a security incident that could cost you time and money.

And that's because, having a good Security posture helps to keep your business running and your staff productive.

One final thought to remember.

You are only as secure as the effort you put in to being secure.

Be safe.