4 Tenets - Reliability

When it comes to the 4 Tenets of Tech - Reliability centers around the premise of...

What can I do to reduce my chances of going down?

While Recoverability focuses on being ready when something goes down.

Reliability focuses on keeping you from going down in the first place.

Depending on your business model Reliability can mean different things.

For a small services based organization - Reliability may mean operating your tech on a platform that allows management and staff the flexibility they need to be able to be productive while minimizing disruptions.

For a larger organization whose business is manufacturing or distribution - Reliability not only impacts office workers but could potentially impact vendors, distributors and transportation.

When discussing the tenet of Reliability terms are used like - high-availability, redundancy, and eliminating single-points-of-failure.

These are the terms of Reliability.

Each having its own role in increasing Reliability.

With a properly designed environment it easy to add an additional Reliability as your business needs it.

But Reliability isn’t just about design.

A company's tech environment should also be monitored, managed and maintained to upkeep it’s Reliability score.

In the end it’s about provide a consistent computing experience.

Minimizing downtime.

Which increases Productivity.

Be reliable.