4 Tenets - Recoverability

Recoverability is the first of the 4 Tenets.

This Tenet is all about making sure that when an event happens - you can recover from it.

At its most basic level this means having a backup of your data.

Data meaning - your files, folders, email, databases and operating systems.

But Recoverability extends far beyond having a backup of your data in case you delete something.

It goes from something as simple as recovering a deleted file to recovering your entire business in the event of a disaster.

Still, many businesses think it’s hard enough just keeping the doors open.

It’s hard enough just making a sale.

Delivering products and services.

Dealing with employees and all those sorts of things.

And so, Recoverability takes a back seat to the hustle and bustle of the working world.

But it’s important.

Recoverability is about planning, building, and operating your environment with the right process and tech.

With the goal of recovering and getting back to business when needed.

With that said, It’s amazing to see how many business don’t have a good backup they can recover from.

And fewer still have a business recovery plan.

Some businesses need more Recoverability than others.

It comes down to understanding what your business needs and implementing the right solutions.

So in the end, when that event happens, and it will, you’ll be able to recover.

Be recoverable.