The 4 Tenets Of Tech

Several years back when I first got into the tech consulting field a group of us wanted to figure out a way to explain tech to people in a way that made sense.

We knew that talking tech to people didn’t work.

And so, through some trial and error and a lot of customer feedback, we came up with 4 areas of tech that resonated with people.

While originally the 4 areas were used as a way to describe our services to business owners and people responsible for the tech in their business - the 4 areas have since become so much more.

Many years later, as I developed a more complete methodology around managing tech, these 4 core areas have remained.

They have stood the test of time.

And as a result, they have been dubbed...  The 4 Tenets Of Tech.

The 4 Tenets are:


Over the next four articles I’ll provide an overview of each Tenet.

One last item of note.

These Tenants are interrelated.

They build on each other.

While at the same time they complement each other.

To achieve the ultimate goal of Productivity it’s important to have the other 3 Tenets in place.

It’s an all for one and one for all sort of thing.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next article.