Thinking Of Quitting? DLP Is Watching

Are you thinking of quitting?

Before you do.

Know this.

If your company has implemented a Digital Loss Prevention system you might not be as stealthy as you think.

Digital Loss Prevention (DLP) applications are designed to do 3 main things.

1- Track employees computing behavior to avoid data loss.
2- Enforce protection mechanisms to keep data safe.
3- Help maintain regulatory compliance standards with regards to tech. (HIPAA, FINRA, SOX)

If your company has a DLP system in place and you're copying files off of the network via email, Dropbox or even a USB drive you’ve given yourself away.

With a good DLP system in place your company knows that you are doing these things.

Nothing is more of a sure tell that someone is about to quit then when someone starts sending themselves company contact lists to their personal email.

So if you’re an employee - do the right thing and leave on good terms.

If you’re employer - do the right thing implement a Digital Loss Prevention solution in your business.

It will help protect you against employee mistakes.

It will help protect you against disgruntled employees.

And, if your company operates under regulatory compliance.

It will help you to be more compliant.

That’s all for now.  

Be safe.