Data Center Move Time

Yesterday we moved a clients tech environment from their office to a data center.

They’re a small tech company here in South Florida with clients spread across the country.

They wanted to move to a new office space and it just didn’t make sense to build a new computer room from scratch to support their 24/7 needs.

Also, they’re a Software-as-a-Service company and so it just made sense to make the move to a data center for their production, development and QA environments.

This was a fun project.

We found them a data center.

Helped negotiate favorable rate.

And then planned and performed the move.

Considering all the moving parts and pieces we actually completed the move pretty quickly.

This was in very large part due to the fact that their environment is managed, maintained and documented properly.

Data center move?

Yeah, I do that.

If your company is looking to move to or from a data center I’m happy to help.