Making Sense Of The Cloud

I’ve been talking with clients more and more lately about Microsoft Office 365.

Specifically, about how to use it for collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 is what can be referred to as a technology platform.

In layman's terms this basically means...

Office 365 is like a swiss army knife.  You need to figure out which tools to use.

Microsoft Office 365 follows the company’s long-standing approach to product development, which is - Give people at least 5 ways to do something.

This keeps with the tradition of products like the Microsoft Windows operating system where there are at least 5 ways to do anything.

For example, in Office 365, if you want to do calendaring for your company, there are five options you can choose from: Outlook, Office 365 Groups, Staff Hub, Sharepoint and Planner.

With all these options it can be challenging to know which way to go.

And so my conversations with clients center around answering questions like:

-Which method should my company choose?
-What makes sense for us?
-How does this option work?

I apply my experience past, present, and future with cloud solutions and help clients make the best decisions around their tech.
Microsoft Office 365 is a great solution for business.

Need email, file sharing and productivity apps?

They’ve got you covered.

When you’re ready to take Office 365 to the next level you may need a Tech Sherpa.

Need help figuring out which way to go?

That’s what I do.

I help clients navigate the cloud.