How Do I Organize My Data?

Here’s a question that puzzles many a business.

How do I organize my data?

When your company is small you keep all of your files, folders, images and stuff on a hard drive.

Then at some point you figure out that you need to share the data.

And so you put it on Dropbox or Google Drive.

As your company continues to grow your data starts getting scattered anywhere and everywhere.

This is what is technically referred to as data sprawl.

Once your company has reached this place you’ve kinda lost control.  

Data gets lost, goes missing, or worse - gets stolen.

Unfortunately most companies don’t act on organizing their data until something bad happens.

Once you’ve decided on cleaning your data up.

You’ll hire a company, assign an employee or even assign yourself the task to clean up the mess.

And so you move all of the data to a single location with the hopes of cleaning things up.

But after the move you’re still left with a hot mess of data.

And the only good thing is that now it’s all in one place.

Which still leaves the question.

How do I organize my data?

The answer as with most things is…

It depends.

A managed service provider in Lancaster Pennsylvannia published the following blog article.

It’s good read and great starting point.

Need help organizing your company data?

Yep, I do that.