The Software Gods Are Watching

Vendor software audits?

Yeah, I do that.

This week I’m helping a client to do a software self-assessment audit for Microsoft.

Microsoft is one of those vendors that audits their clients licensing.

This helps to make sure companies are in compliance with the software licensing rules they’ve agreed to.

You know that check box you check yes to every time you install software?

Well it says you can be audited when Microsoft wants to.

So I’m off to do a the assessment.

Basically, here’s how it works.

A Microsoft consultant sends you an email that you’ve been selected for an audit.

You go and register on a special web site that’s setup for audits.

You login and they show what you’ve bought.  More or less.

Then you complete a series of questions based on what you own.

Now most business owners don’t know what they own.

It’s understandable.  That’s what your IT Company is supposed to be tracking for you.

Completing the assessment takes a little more effort than just answering a few questions. 

But in the end, if your record keeping is good.

If your software licensing is properly documented.

And most important.  Your licensing is legit.

Then you’re in good shape.

I've heard first hand stories of companies that aren’t in compliance.

Fortunately for my client this is not the case.

We keep good track of everything for them.

So next time you install some software just remember…

The software gods are watching.