Ring Ring Ring

I’m helping a couple of clients out this week by doing an analysis of their current phone systems.

Both clients have phone systems that are a little long in the tooth and need to be replaced.

And so I’m collecting information and data related to their phone systems.

Things like: Number of phones, how many minutes they use on a monthly basis, what features they use, and all sorts of other data.

This all gets baked and built into what I like to call a Telephony Assessment.

Telephony Assessments?

Yeah, I do that.

Having a clear picture of your existing telephony makes it much easier to have a conversation about where to go next.

The value of doing a Telephony Assessment is that it gives you actionable data to help you make better decisions about what kind of phone system your company needs.

Taking a call from a vendor that sells VoIP service and going along for the ride is not a great way to get your tech right.

Understanding what you have, what you need, and what your costs are puts you in a much better position to make a decision about your company's telephony.

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