Marriott And The Golden Rule

The first time I saw the commercial for Marriott’s The Golden Rule I was like.

Holy cow!

These guys nailed it!

As a brand and company that’s all about service - they won.

It’s almost not even worth trying to compete at this point. -jk.

If you have a service business...

Meaning, you’re a doctor, lawyer, IT, accountant, financial advisor, plumber, electrician, air conditioning repairman or any other service business including retail...

Marriott just threw it down big time.

They claimed something so obvious and so universal that it edged everyone out.

And they’ve set a pretty high bar to beat.

In an age where everyone says the same thing and no one really says anything.

Marriott’s claim on the golden rule is really a game changer.

Maybe everyone doesn’t see it yet but that’s okay.

I think their brand messaging is going to be around for a while.

So many companies out there post a bunch of fluff on their website.

So many companies have brand messaging that doesn’t resonate with their customers.

What Marriott just did is exactly what great brands should be doing.

Claiming your space.

Putting a stake in the ground.

Raising the bar as high as it can go.

And challenging the competition.

All I can say for now is…

Well-done Marriott!

And of course..


Marriott - the brand messaging we all want now.