Is Your Tech A Hot Mess?

Every once in a while I meet a client whose tech is a hot mess.

Most of the time it’s due to a series of bad decisions stacked up - one right after the other.

Here are 3 things that help to make a hot mess with your tech.


If there’s one thing that will cause a hot mess every time it’s someone with a lack of experience in business contracts and technology.  

If your tech guy doesn’t understand business.

You’re already 50% in the hole when trying to make a technology decision.

This results in buying the wrong thing.

Installing things incorrectly.

And signing unfavorable contracts.

Opportunistic Vendors

Unfortunately South Florida seems to have a plethora of opportunistic vendors.

This makes for people being sold things they don’t need and contracts with ridiculous pricing. 


Yep.  I said it .  

The third thing is you.

It’s you making rash decisions.

It’s you making uninformed decisions.

It’s you trying to play the tech guy when you’re not.

It boils down to not thinking and acting properly with it with the tech in your business.

How you think and act about technology makes all the difference.

If it’s an afterthought you’re susceptible.

If you make rash decisions you’re susceptible.

If you’re uninformed you’re susceptible.

So what’s the fix?

Having a Tech Coach.

A Technologist acting in your best interest.

You can’t do it all.

Having a partner to help you navigate the journey of tech and business can really help.

It can keep the hot mess from happening.  

Get yourself a tech coach.

You’ll be glad you did.