Check That Tech Contract

This morning I was helping a client fill out a questionnaire as part of their cyber security insurance policy.

Filling out forms filling out answering tech questionnaires.

Yep, I do that.

Going through technical questionnaires for clients always brings up a few questions.

Along the lines of… Do we do that?

And while the series of questions typically seem daunting at first to a client.

A lot of these questions revolve around having a handful documents in your company that relate to your tech.

These include having the following.

Acceptable Use Policy - A set of rules governing the use to technology.
Remote Access Policy - How staff and vendors access your resources remotely.
Data Retention Policy - How you backup and restore your data and how long you keep it.
Security Policy - Your rules around your environments security both physical and virtual.

With a few key policy documents in place and a good IT company at your side you’ll have all of the basics covered.

In many cases this is will be all you need.

If your business is subject to HIPAA, FINRA or other compliance initiatives these documents are a great starting point.

A little work up front helps a lot later on.

Need a tech form filled out?

Give me a shout.