Rejigger Your Tech

So I bought a used guitar the other day.

It’s a great instrument.

It’s designed well.

The construction is solid.

And it sounds great.


It works just okay.

You see, the previous owner didn’t do a good job of setting it up or taking care of it.

And so, I’m spending some time getting it back to where it needs to be.

Sometimes a process isn’t done quite right.

Sometimes people just leave steps out for whatever reason.

Sometime things just aren't cared for.

The same holds true with the tech in your business.

Computers are just machines.

They need to be set up correctly.

Operated properly.

And with a little proper care and feeding your devices and systems should run well.

But sometimes they’re not set up correctly.

Sometimes they’re not maintained properly.

And when that happens - your business may go out of tune.

It’s important to setup and operate your tech using tried-and-true process and techniques.

With a few tweaks the guitar is sounding much better.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.