What Is An IT Company?

As technology has matured there has been a natural progression in how companies manage the tech in their business.

As a result, most small businesses today outsource their IT support and management to some form of outside vendor.

The most common of these vendors is the Managed Service Provider, also known as an MSP.

Over the past decade the concept of a Managed Service Provider has matured and plateaued.

What’s interesting is that the basic concepts and practices that were initially developed have remained for the most part - unchanged.

Now while market maturity is good thing, there are downsides.

For one thing, a company like yours looking to outsource their tech services is stuck staring into a sea of sameness.

And that’s because most MSP’s say and sell the same thing.

So how do you decide which MSP is better?
Is there a difference between providers?
How can you tell one provider from another?

The differences are few and far between.

Most Managed Service Providers with a mature offering provide the same 4 core services.

Support, Backups, Security and some form of Automation.

This doesn't mean all MSP's provide these services.

Usually it's just the ones that have a mature enough business model.

So what if you need more?

What if you really need an integrated tech partner?

Where do you go?

Enter the IT Company.

The IT Company was founded on the principle putting business first, tech second.

While that mean seem insignificant.  It’s actually a really big differentiator.

Business first, Tech second.

While a Managed Service Provider focuses  on providing basic technology services such as support, backups and security - with an IT Company - You get more.

So how do you get more?

Here are 4 ways you get more with an IT Company.

Integrated Process - Services are designed around how you work.
Happiness Quotient - Customer Experience is measured and maintained.
Financial Literacy - Understanding of how your business works and how to add value.
Checklists - Defined recipes for success specific to your business.

Your tech is not a transaction.

To be successful your company needs an integrated IT service solution.

Your business needs an IT Company.

To be fair, a Managed Service Provider may cover the basics of what you need as a business.

But if you want more.

It’s out there to be had.