Why Response Time Matters

Have you ever called into a service provider and been told that the hold time is 30 minutes?

Have you ever sent an email to a service provider that somehow disappeared into the ether?

Have you ever been given a specific service time window and the guy shows up late? Or doesn’t show up at all?
Response time is one of 3 attributes of great customer service.

When your company has an issue, need or concern - you expect your IT Company to be responsive.

Whether it’s via Email, the phone or in person, when you reach out for help, it needs to be there.
Great customer service is responsive, accurate and efficient

Being responsive is number one for a reason.

“First reply time is more important than overall reply times because it’s an acknowledgment to the customer that their issue is being looked into.” - Jamie Edwards, COO and Co-founder of Kayako

What is concerning is that most service companies don’t see responsiveness as a priority.

A 2018 study of a 1,000 companies conducted by SuperOffice states that - 90% of companies do not acknowledge or inform the customer that an email has been received.
I would seem that common sense is not very common when it comes to response time.

How is the response time with your current IT Company?

Are people sitting idle due to poor response times?

How long can you afford to be down?