Measure Your Tech

We talk about metrics.

We talk about key performance indicators.

We talk about business objectives.

We love to look at the numbers in our business. 

It’s also important to measure your tech.

I’m currently working with a few clients to measure certain items in their tech environment.

In one instance I’ve instrumented a firewall to measure different data points.  We're trying to understand different data flows and how they affect their network.

In another instance I’m measuring a parameter on servers in order to in order to understand if we are paying for too much for the resource.

You can measure are all sorts of things once you have an environment set up properly.

With actionable information at your fingertips we can make better business decision together.

Do you know how your server is performing?
Do you know how the application your business is performing?
Do you know how your internet is performing?

These are the types of questions you should be able to ask and receive an answer to quickly.

A properly set up tech environment should be instrumented and measured.

Tech is more than just logging into your G-Suite or Office 365 account.

Proper instrumentation is needed to be able to effectively to manage and make decisions.

Tech is not set and forget.

Proper tech is managed, measured and maintained.