Need A Bigger Server? No Problem

I was helping a client today with right sizing their cloud server.

A few months back this client had a new app they wanted to try out and so we got them setup on Microsoft Azure with a small cloud server as a proof of concept.

It’s now a few months later and the client really likes the new app.

So much so that the server is having a little trouble keeping up with the demand.

Not a problem.

With the couple of mouse clicks we upgraded the server to an instance with more processors and memory.

Servers in the cloud are pretty cool.

Need more resources.

Point click done.

Not using a server very much I need to reduce resources?

No problem.

Point click done.

Running servers in the cloud really helps when trying out new apps.

You can start small and grow as needed.

And if things go well - all you need to do is right size your resources and you’re good to go.

I like to say that cloud servers are easy peasy.