Align Your Tech To Your Process

A lot of guys a lot of IT guys like to talk about process.

They wear it on their sleeve like some kind of badge of honor.

They’ll tell you about their processes in detail.

But the reality is that most of those processes aren’t even written down.



They’re not even written down and documented.

Don’t believe me?

Ask them to show your their documented process.

But seriously - I think a lot of people miss the point with process.

It’s not about having a Bible.

It’s not about documenting everything to the nth degree.

To me there are really 2 key reasons for process.

One, to act as a guide - so that you and your team know which way to go.

And second - you need process is for alignment.

You see, when you know your process you can align your tech to it.

The goal in all of this is to align your process with technology to help you increase the productivity in your business.

Whether is internal productivity.

Or streamlining your service offering to improve customer experience.

It’s all about you.

Notice I said nothing about your IT guys process.

So - next time an IT guy is telling you about his process tell them to stop.

It’s your process that matters.

It’s your success that matters.