Are We There Yet?

I think everyone at some point in there life and asked the question - Are we there yet?

I can remember sitting in the backseat, no seatbelt, asking my dad, are we there yet?

He was pretty smart.

He never responded.

I was listening to some sales calls yesterday for training purposes.

What’s interesting is that when you listen to the prospect and not the sales rep you can learn something new about your potential clients.

You begin to learn more about your buyer persona.

And you can learn a whole lot.

The one big takeaway from yesterday’s call review is that some people embrace tech while others really don’t want anything to do with it.

It just reassures solidifies what I’m doing with #getyourtechright.

The way that small business owners think about their tech still a needs a lot of help.

I understand we’re just trying to start a conversation.

But there’s a big difference when you land a phone call with a prospect that really values tech versus the latter.

So are we there yet?

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Don’t you?