The Good Tech Doctor

I watched an episode of the Good Doctor on TV last night.

My wife and I laugh at the medical half truths and blatant mistakes that are made of these types of shows.

In this episode they had a couple of residents transport a liver.

During the transport the Good Doctor figured out that the liver had a clot in it.

So they decided to take the liver out on the freeway overpass and remove a blood clot on the trunk of a car.

Unrealistic - yes
Unsterile - yes
Unbelievable - yes

I get that it’s just entertainment.

But sometimes it’s a little far fetched.

Still people buy it.

They think that this is how doctors operate.

But it’s not.

The same goes with the tech in your business in.

There are misnomers.

There half truths.

And there’s information that just plain wrong.

Truth in tech is important.

Bad experiences and misunderstanding erode our belief and value in tech.

Know the truth.

Ask questions.

Work with reliable technologists at your side.

You’re business will be the better for it.