American Email Picker

I had a request come in today from a client who needed some help finding some emails. 

They have a legal matter that requires them to furnish some emails.

And so the search began.

With a little bit of work and a little bit of elbow grease we were able to provide to them the emails they needed.

When a business needs some help - it can be about anything.

It can be about a computer that’s not working right.

Or it can be about a legal matter that they need help with.

eDiscovery is the process of finding and producing information in the electronic world.

When it comes to eDiscovery - some clients are better prepared than others.

Certain companies are held to compliance standards like HIPAA or FINRA that dictate they have some form archiving and retention in place.

As a result, in those clients, we've implemented process and systems to aid in fulfilling requests.

Other businesses though don’t have compliance requirements.

In those businesses the choice to implement an archiving of compliance solution becomes optional.

As a result, businesses that aren't required to have a compliance solution don’t.

With the with specific client that made the request - they don’t have any compliance requirements and so they didn’t have an email archiving solution in place.

As a result, performing eDiscovery for them took a little more, as I like to say, elbow grease.

It kinda felt like an episode of American Pickers for a bit while we performed the initial search for the information requested.

Digging, digging, digging.

In the end - I'm glad we were able to help.