The Value Of Tech

How much you value the tech in your business is a relative thing.

And as a result - many businesses undervalue the tech in their business.

The sad thing is, that when you undervalue the tech in your business, you’re skimping on 3 key areas of your business.

Productivity, Service Delivery, and Quality.

So how do you put a value on your tech?

People often relate value to dollars.

But value means something different.

The definition of value is “the regard, the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”

Sure, putting a dollar value to something helps with frame of reference.

But the truth is that value is ours to give.

If tech doesn’t mean anything to you then that’s fine.

If you’re a tech head and tech is everything to you. That’s fine to.

I have a opportunity of working with several businesses on their tech.

Some value tech more than others.

One thing I can say for sure is...

Businesses that value their tech are always more successful.

Doesn’t matter the industry or the market.

Businesses that focus on improving Productivity, Service Delivery, and Quality by leveraging technology - grow faster and tend to generate more revenue on higher margins.

How much do you value the tech in your business?