Don't Sweat The Small Tech

I deal with the details behind your tech that you will likely never see.

The behind the scenes stuff like environment settings, system settings, integrations and optimizations.

Yesterday I was helping to review an environment for a client.

Their line of business app started doing some weird things and so I was brought in to take a look.

I went through and compared their set up to what are known as industry best practices.

A.K.A. the optimum way to set up their app and environment.

I found a few items that need tweaking and so I made some recommendations.

Most people assume that software nowadays is load and go.

That’s not always the case.

While most consumer software is load and go, when you get into line of business applications there’s a little tuning and optimization that comes into play.

Will your app work without an optimization?

Most likely it will.

But when things start happening and unexpected goofiness rears its head,

It may be because you’ve just hit a limitation.

In the tech world we sweat the big stuff and we sweat the small stuff.

All so that you can have a productive and trouble-free day.

So don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ll do that for you.