What You're Worth - A Job Interview Story

Years back I was recruited for a job at a major Tier 1 Internet Service Provider.

I had been brought in to interview for a senior level position.

Salary expectations were discussed upfront before I even walked in the door.

The human resource manager and hiring manager had both assured me we were good.

I met with the CTO.

I met with the VP of Technology.

I met with the VP of Hosting.

I met with the VP of Networking.

And I’m sure they threw in some additional VP’s for me to meet with.

The last person I met with that day was one of the senior engineers that worked there.

We had a really good conversation.

At the end of the conversation he said…

Do you mind if I ask what your salary expectations are?

I told him I wasn’t comfortable sharing that information with him directly.

He then proceeded to explain to me how much him and the other senior people made.

It was significantly less then I had discussed with the HR manager.

As a matter fact it was 50% less.

We wrapped up the interview.

I was provided a nice walk through of the facilities and the amenities all of which were top notch.

When I arrived home the HR manager called me to see how things had gone.

I shared with her my last conversation of the day and the salary disparity that was shared with me.

She said, “that person should have never told you that.”

To which I asked.

Is it true?

She reluctantly answered.

Well, yes.

And then she tried to explain her way out of our prior conversation and my conversation with the hiring manager.

I told her I wasn’t interested in the position and that I felt it was very dishonest the way they had shown interest with no intent of actually paying me what I was worth.

Two weeks later I was offered and accepted a position with another Tier 1 Internet Service Provider at my desired rate.

C’est la vie.