Ideas And Obstacles

I have great ideas all the time.

Okay, let’s be honest.

Mostly I just have ideas.

I think it’s great to have a creative spark in your life that affords you the ability to have ideas.

But for every idea I have there is a counterpoint.

Something that can keep an idea from materializing to action.

The counterpoint that I speak of is 100% caused by me.

The choices I make and the people I choose to associate with, for better or worse, affect my idea to action ratio.

Now it may be something as simple as having an idea and then choosing not to do it - or ignoring it.

Those types of ideas are easier to work with and manage.

It’s the big ideas that fall victim to the counterpoint.

Now that might not be a great revelation.

But it’s a truth we all have to deal with.

The things that we allow into our lives and the choices that we make become our motivators and obstacles.

For example.

Trying to get something done and your friend asks you for help.

That’s an obstacle.

Trying to get something done and a client calls you with an emergency.

That’s an obstacle.

How we manage ourselves through these situations and our ability to self regulate will determine our success in bringing our ideas to life.

Some tips and basic truths that I use to help overcome my ideas to obstacles challenge.

Set time aside for deep work - Schedule time to get things done that help to move your ideas forward.

Know your most creative hours of the day and then work on your ideas during that time - This is a big one for me. I leverage my cycles of energy and creativity.

Remind yourself to stay focused on your goal - You are your best coach.

And last but not least.

Don’t beat yourself up when you come up short - Just keep going.

Give your ideas a fighting chance.

They’re worth it.