Best Price Does Not Equal Lowest Price

There are many justifications we make in our lives.

One of those areas is price.

Yep, the P word.

As business owners we are trained to always get the best price.

To most people this means…

Pay as little as possible for the product or service you are purchasing.

But getting the best price does not mean getting the lowest price.

They are not the same thing.

Best price does not equal lowest price.

And still, that’s what most people think.

Or at least how they behave.

If you talk to any good purchasing manager they will tell you that there are other factors to consider when making a purchase.

For example there is the quality of the product or service.

There is the reliability.

And the warranty.

Just to name a few.

When considering a new tech provider most business owners fall right back into this behavior.

They want to pay as little as possible for the service.

But remember…

The best price does not equal the lowest price.

Mindset Upgrade

Getting your tech right is about upgrading your thought process about the tech in your business.

Here are 3 thoughts to consider when selecting a new tech service provider.

Technology is a key role in your business.

Just like finance, operations or sales.

Hiring a tech company with the right education, experience and exposure is key to your business success.

Outsourcing to a tech provider should cost less than hiring a full time employee.

For a small business with 10 employee’s the starting salary for an tech provider should be around $20,000 per year.

That’s less than the cost of a full time employee.

You get more value from a tech company than from hiring internally.

You get more people, process, systems and leadership then you would get if you just had one guy running around trying to do everything.

Make sure your tech provider is right-sized for your business.

In the end, hiring a new tech provider is not like purchasing a commodity like a computer or an Office 365 subscription.

A tech provider fulfills a key role on your company’s org chart.

So remember when partnering with a new tech provider...

The best price does not necessarily equal the lowest price.