I Don't Sell Computers

I was talking with one of my daughters teachers the other day.

It would seem that everyone at my daughters school thinks I sell computers.

It’s the curse of working in technology.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re an engineer, a developer or a CIO.

To the rest of the world…

We make or sell computers.

Trying to explain to a layperson what tech people do can be a challenge for anyone who works in the technology field.

I suppose that helping businesses manage the tech in their business is kind of like selling computers?

I do sell the idea that computing is important.

I do sell that recoverability, reliability, security and productivity are important tenants to follow.

I do sell the idea that it’s important to effectively manage the tech in a business.

Still, while I sell all of these ideas and services.

I don’t sell computers.

Sure, if you ask me what to buy I’ll have an opinion

Doesn’t everyone?

So when one of my daughters teachers told me she was looking for a new computer and asked for help - I gladly provided her with some recommendations.

This morning after thinking about it, she told me that she’s looking for something else, as if to say she didn’t want to buy a computer from me.

I scratched my head, smiled and said.

“That’s not a problem.”

And then carried on with my day.

People like to put other people in boxes.

It makes it easier for them to understand and deal with the world around them.

For those that are looking for my box it’s here.

For those that are looking to buy a computer.

Please read the label on my box that says…

I don’t sell computers. ☺️