Tech - Winging It

It is interesting how we rank value in our business.

People, process, product, tech.

They all vie for our attention.

We in turn, prioritize these items and their functions based on our education, experience and exposure.

It’s unfortunate that many businesses place their tech at the bottom of their value list.

In this day and age you would think that people would have learned to value their tech more.

But they don’t.

I understand that tech can be a difficult topic for people to get their head around.

That’s why I started - Get Your Tech Right.

To help people learn how to act and think around the tech in their business.

The Story

I was brought into the conversation yesterday with a prospect that was convinced that $500 a month was the max and he should pay to have the tech managed in his business.

He had no basis other than - it was a little bit more than he paid today.

Mind you this is a business that generates tens of millions of dollars a year.

I kid you not.

In this specific business - tech was regulated down to the bottom of their value list.

They chose not to leverage or value the tech in their business.

All they wanted was a reactive service.

Quick tip.

When given the choice of a proactive or reactive service.

Choose both.

Reactive Tech

When you look at the tech in your business as a reactive service.

Meaning, you call and ask for help, someone fixes the problem and move on.

You’re missing the boat.

Without proper management, monitoring and maintenance your tech environment will in short order - fall into atrophy and disrepair.

When you leave out things like managing and planning for recoverability, reliability, security and productivity.

Your tech will be left with huge gaping holes.

The tech in your business is key to help you with growth and productivity.

If it’s viewed as a reactive function.

You’re setting yourself up for failure.


Devaluing your tech is not a good way to run your business.

It is like running your business without leadership, without sales or without a budget.

If you don’t leverage and manage the tech in your business…

You are basically winging it.

And your birdie will only fly so far and so long.

Until its little wings just give up.


Consider increasing the value that you place in the tech in your business.

Businesses that invest in their tech grow.

It’s a fact.

Just like investing in hiring good people.

Just like investing yourself.

The tech in your business matters.

Get your tech right.