Dollars And No Sense

I was working on a proposal for a company the other day that we shall refer to as a “head scratcher.”

Now the reason I call it a head scratcher is this.

The current provider signed the company up for a multi year contract.

Over the course of the contract the vendor has not delivered the agreed-upon service.

They didn’t even try.

In my review of the environment I found that this vendor has not done anything at all except for to collect their fee.

By the way…

It was a pretty hefty fee.

To add insult to injury when the vendor was called out by this company (their client) they declined to meet with them in person.

They stated that they would only communicate with them in writing.

Sounds like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar doesn’t it?

The reason I share stories like this is twofold.

The first reason is to highlight the ridiculousness of what’s out there.

When you hire an IT provider no one expects this level of service.

But unfortunately - it’s a fairly common occurrence.

The second reason I share these stories is to share a message of hope.


There are companies out there that do a great job at providing IT services.

Companies that really work towards helping their clients.

Unfortunately the bad ones make it harder for the good guys.

Like I’ve said in the past.

Check your tech.

Keep your vendors honest.

And on a regular basis.

Ask them to review what you’re paying for and what you are getting.

Remember that what is offered it’s not always what is delivered.

Get your tech right.