The Pitfalls Of Free Project Management

With the drive to just get things done more and more…

Companies are choosing to do project management in house or not at all.

Moving into a new office?

Just ask so-and-so to do it.

They can get it done.

Looking to purchase a new ERP system?

Just get so-and-so to do it.

It’s their job isn’t it?

But what if these people…

These so-called so-and-so’s aren’t qualified?

What if just their assignment to the task torpedoes your project?

Reality Check

As they say…

The proverbial crap rolls downhill.

And so in most small businesses,

Projects are poorly planned.

If planned at all.

Deadlines are missed.

If there are deadlines at all.

Heck, let’s be honest.

Most people don’t plan now a days.

Let alone consider actually drafting a plan to follow.

It would seem that in this get things done world that we live in…

Planning and project management have altogether.

Gone out the window.

The cure?

Slow down.

Not a whole lot.

Just a little bit.

Slow down enough to think things through.

To organize and to plan your moves.

On Project Management

Project management costs money.

I get that.

But more often than not.

It is money well spent.

Whether it’s a business analysis, doing requirements gathering or a full on project manager.

If you want to improve the success of your projects.

If you want projects to finish in a reasonable amount of time.

Heck, if you want to just finish something.

You will need to invest in project management.

Once you do.

You will realize that having a good project manager involved in your project makes all the difference.

Or, you could just keep winging it.