So What Is This Single Sign On Thing All About?

I work with a handful clients that use single sign-on.

What is single sign-on you ask?

Single sign-on is an access control process where you the end-user uses a single user ID and password to access a multitude of apps and services.

In other words...

You just need 1 username and 1 password to access all of your business apps wherever they are.

Single sign-on also known as SSO can help your business in the following ways.

SSO streamlines your password management - You just need to remember one password.

SSO helps to reduce password fatigue - You just need to remember one password.

SSO streamlines your access to apps - You only need to login once. Then you’re automatically logged into subsequent apps that are SSO enabled.

SSO also helps with user account management - If you’re terminating employee and need to shut down all of their access immediately it’s simple to do. If you have the right SSO provider.

SSO provides you visibility into what is being accessed and when - A centralized SSO system gives you the ability to track activity and usage data on your staff.

SSO is not a mainstream technology that everyone uses.

At least not today.

So does it help to have SSO?

Yes it does.

I find that clients that use more cloud apps and are cloud-savvy want and need SSO.

Clients that are more traditional in their approach to technology will likely never find the need.

Still, it’s a really cool technology with a lot of benefits for those businesses that are heavy cloud computers and are looking to pull together all of the different cloud apps and services that they use.