Why Are We So Mean To Our Eyeballs?

Our senses are one of our greatest gifts.

Even so, we take them for granted.

Take sound for example.

The amount of decibels that we inflict on our ears is staggering.

Another sense we take for granted is our vision.

Our eyeballs.

Walk through any small business and you will likely see mis-matched and old computer display monitors.

For example…

The other day I was walking through a small business and saw someone with an old Dell square LCD monitor.

This dimly lit square monitor was being used for what most people would consider a precision based task — Accounting.

Why is it that monitors, keyboards, and mice take a backseat to bigger items like computers and servers?

Why is it that we forget that…

Productivity starts at your interface.

Monitors, keyboards, mice, desks and chairs are the interface.

Let’s stop hurting our eyeballs with old monitors.

Let’s stop pretending that a sub-par environment is good enough.

We all know that good enough it’s not actually good.

Let’s take care of our eyeballs and buy some new monitors.

And then at least every five years buy new monitors again.