Do You Have A Cloud Phone?

Back in the 90’s I used to use a phone system named NBX.

They were one of the pioneers of IP based phone systems.

One of the coolest features was the ability to pick up my phone and take it anywhere.

Home, another office, a data center, you name it.

I’d simply plug the phone into a network connection and presto!

I had phone service.

I could make phone calls, call extensions at the office or listen to voicemail.

NBX was truly ahead of their time.

No other vendors provided this functionality.

At least not as seamless as it was with an NBX.

NBX at least to me - was the first cloud phone system.

Fast forward to today.

It’s interesting to see how many small businesses still don’t have this functionality in their phone system.

You’d think everyone would want a feature like this.

The ability to take your phone anywhere.

Or even better.

A soft phone that works anywhere.

But they don’t.

There is so much that a cloud phone system can do for a business beyond having a portable phone.

Voicemail to email, voice transcriptions, call recording, and more.

If your phone system doesn’t have these features.

You might want to consider learning how a cloud phone system could help your business.

And as an added bonus

You might even save some dough.