Do You Value Your Tech?

I was talking to a CEO the other day that pays $3,000 a month for a business coach.

It’s a fair rate for a business coach.

What’s interesting is that this same CEO balks at the idea of paying $3,000 a month to have the tech in his business managed.

It’s a fair rate to.

Please don’t misunderstand.

I’m not complaining about business coaches and how much they charge.

I am merely highlighting how business owners prioritize value.

In my view, all of the coaching in the world is not going to help you and your business has much as having a well ran tech environment.

It’s true.

Think of it this way.

If you need help with figuring out how to market your business more effectively are you going to go to Office Depot and buy some poster board and markers?

Likely not.

But the reality is that when most businesses think about tech, they think of Best Buy.

And while that’s good for Best Buy.

That’s bad for your business.

When the tech in your business is a just a transaction.

An off-the-shelf solution.

You’re missing the point.

Getting the tech right in your business is about changing how you fundamentally think and act with the tech in your business.

You come to understand that there’s a cost related to doing things right.

It’s not about paying more.

It’s about budgeting correctly.

It’s about placing value on something that can change your business.

Like I said in another article before.

I know CEO’s that spend $10,000 a month on coaches.

At the same time I’ve seen them consistently be a penny wise and pound foolish foolish when purchasing computing for themselves and for their staff.

Remember the age old adage.

You get what you pay for?

If you really want to grow your business it’s important to value the tech in your business.

With the right tech in your business - anything is possible.

What value do you place on the tech in your business?