Uber Eats Is Destroying The Fast Food Experience

The other day I was out shopping with my wife and we decided to stop at a Five Guys for a quick burger.

We ended up waiting 30 minutes to get our food.

The culprit.

Uber Eats.

We sat there as Uber drivers kept showing up and picking up what seemed to be the most complex series of burger orders known to man.

Fast forward to a few weeks later.

My wife and I are out again and we decide to jump into a Subway for a quick bite.

Once again we’re stuck waiting behind a line of Uber drivers.

There weren’t even any customers in the restaurant.

The nice gal behind the counter says.

Can you please wait for a minute?

I have 4 orders to complete before the drivers arrive.

Times have changed.

It’s obvious that the fast food restaurant chains have not caught up to the demand.

And as a result.

Their service is waning.

Meanwhile, people are sitting at home ordering food online only to have it show up…

Not so fresh off the grill.

It’s not to say that Uber Eats is bad.

The problem is that fast food restaurant’s aren’t organized to provide this type of service.

At least not any of the ones I’ve been to.

On a positive note.

I have seen Outback Express and other types of restaurants starting to open up.

They’re geared at providing 100% online orders which is pretty cool.

Restaurants are starting to get the picture.

They’re starting to understand at least at some level.

Both service model’s.

Eat in and online orders don’t mix.

A tip for restaurants - Think drive-thru.


For the rest of us who are just looking to grab a quick bite while we’re out.

We’ll just have to wait in line behind the sweaty smelly Uber drivers.