Ideas Without I-Doers

I have ideas all of the time.

Some ideas are incremental gains to something I’m already doing.

Other ideas come as a result of an epiphany.

And well of course there are always…

The big ideas.

It’s important to always keep the creative spark in your life.

For me the creative spark contributes to my business, music and personal life.

Sure we all have ideas.

But it’s one thing to have an idea and another to do it.

What separates the pros from the rookies is their ability to bring those ideas to life.

And this is where the failure rate goes up.

Maybe failure rate isn’t the right phrase?

But I think you get what I’m trying to say.

Scratch that.

Let’s go with..

Your ratio of ideas to action.

Your ratio of ideas to action will tell you where you’re at.

Enter the I-doers.

I have the opportunity to work with successful companies that are growing.

I also have the opportunity of helping companies who want to get the tech right in their business.

In environments where the company is growing and there are resources a plenty.

In those environments.

It’s easier for ideas to become action.

It just is.

On the flip side.

In environments that are stagnant.

Where you’re pushing from one day to the next.

Your idea to action ratio can be an indicator of your determination level.

Meaning that…

While it might be high at times and you’re cranking out ideas one right after the other.

If they don’t get done.

You’ll burn out.

You’ll lose hope.

And your ratio of ideas to action will decrease further and further.

You might actually go into the negative and stop generating ideas because you can’t bring them to life.

And that’s a bad place to be in.

Ideas without I-doers

Ideas without yourself or someone to bring them to life are just that..


Still, there’s nothing wrong with having an idea it doesn’t get done right away.

The key is to not give up.

The key is to self inventory and prioritize your ideas

And then make time to chip away at that idea until it gets done

Everyone has great ideas.

But not everyone is a great I-doer.

Are you an I-doer?