I Am A Rogue Tech

I was talking to an IT guy from another tech company yesterday.

He asked me…

Well, actually he didn’t ask me.

He told me.

He said…

All IT companies do things this way.

I smiled and told him.

I don’t do things that way.

Referring to a technical process we were discussing.

He was shocked.

Now I’m not saying that I’m some sort of rebel.

The point is…

A lot of IT guys are very religious about their tech.

Very often they are blind followers to a logo or a perceived standard.

And sometimes it is clearly not in the best interest of a client or a clients experience.

But still they insist that their way is right.

That their way is the only way.

No matter what.

We parted ways with this IT guy still puzzled.

To each his own.

For me.

I like people.

I like process.

And I like tech.

I just want people to have the same positive experience with tech that I have.

Subjecting you and your staff to a negative experience everyday because some tech forces you to adhere to some archaic practice is a bad thing.

Things are supposed to be getting easier not harder when it comes to the tech in your business.

Liberate your IT.

Get your tech right.