Is Your Business - Order or Chaos?

In my tech travels I get to see first hand how companies work with the tech in their business.

For some companies.

It’s all about order.

Everything is accounted for.

Everything is aligned.

Decisions are made with purpose and with meaning.

Discussions are open and frank.

And stuff seems to just work.

If you want to print something you just press the print button and out comes the paper.

If you want to connect to the Wi-Fi you just type in a password and you’re connected.

Then there’s the chaos company.

People demand for things to be done immediately.

The staff sits in silence pretending to look busy.

The printer is plugged in but no one can print.

The Wi-Fi is slow but no one knows why.

What is interesting is how many businesses continue to operate in chaos - as if it is the norm.

I don’t know why.

In some way - chaos means that you don’t care.

What other reason would there be when chaos is the norm?

Getting your tech right about having things in order.

About following a path that leads to success.

It’s not a difficult path unless of course…

You’re a child of chaos.

But the bigger ask is this.

Getting your tech right is about changing your behavior toward the tech in your business.

And for some people.

That’s too big of an ask.

Is your business in order or in chaos?

Are you ready for a change?