You Have A CRM Don't You?

Do you have a CRM?

No not for your business…

For you?

Managing contacts can be a challenge.

At least for me it was.

Back in the days of business cards.

You remember those things don’t you?

Those rectangle things that had your company logo, your title, and your phone number on them.

I used to have a series 3 ring binders filled with business cards.

All nicely arranged and laid out.

One day I got tired of carrying those binders around and so I moved all of my contacts into LinkedIn.

That didn’t work out so well and so I ended up moving all of my contacts into my Google contacts.

The benefit of doing this was that now all of my contacts could be synced across the various devices and platforms I used to compute.

Even with all my contacts organized and maintained in one place there were still lingering problems.

Relationship management was solely my responsibility.

And it was a manual process.

You see, the system that I had created required me to keep track of…

When I spoke to people,

What I talked to them about and,

What my next steps would be based on the conversation.

It’s kind of silly that it took me so long to figure out that this wasn’t a good process.

I had mastered inefficiency.

I had it down to a science.

But the science got old.

Then one day I read an article about using a CRM for your personal/business contacts.

It rang true.

You wouldn’t manage your business contacts manually would you?

Why would you do it for yourself?

So I signed up for the free HubSpot CRM and got things going.

While I haven’t scienced things out yet.

I’ve made some good moves in the right direction.

Managing relationships is important.

Without a relation management app you’re stuck with a mish-mash of apps and services or worse, pen and paper to manage your most important asset.

Your contacts.