The Top 3 Email Distribution Lists Your Business Should Have

I was helping out a new client yesterday by reviewing their Microsoft Office 365 setup.

And as I moved into the Groups area I noticed that they didn’t have any email distribution lists set up.

It looks like the last IT guy didn’t finish setting things up with regards to email.

Distribution lists are useful as they allow you to group people together under a common email address so that when you want to send a group email - you’re just one address away.

Businesses use email distribution lists in many ways.

Here are the 3 most common email distribution lists your business should have and use.

[email protected]

Having an everyone @ your company internal email distribution list helps you to communicate to everyone quickly and efficiently.

From a leadership perspective it allows your to communicate with all staff via a weekly or monthly leadership update.

It can also be used for human resources broadcasts and other all company communication.

Note: You may want to set some ground rules around who and how it is used to avoid overuse.

[email protected]

If you have multiple location or offices it’s good to set up a list for each location.

For example if you have an office in Los Angeles and an office in Fort Lauderdale, setup a list for each office.

This also works good for remote staff.

You can can setup a [email protected] email distribution list and quickly broadcast or start a conversation with your remote team.

[email protected]

The third type of email list is per department.

This type of email distribution list makes sense when you just want to have a group of people receive the same emails.

When you get to departments you may want to consider other options such as Microsoft Office 365 Groups or shared mailboxes.

Microsoft Office 365 Groups gives you additional features like a group calendar, document storage and and other things that might be of benefit.

Shared mailboxes allow all of the mail to go into one mailbox that multiple people can administrate and share.

Still - down and dirty department email distribution lists work great.

Need to send an email to your field department/team?

Send an email to [email protected] and you’re done.

So there you have it.

The top 3 email distribution lists your should have in your business.

Remember that these are centrally setup and managed lists.

I would advise against making and maintaining your own individual email lists.

Centrally managed is the way to go in Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.

Time to send that broadcast email that we’re out of coffee now. :-)