The Core 4

Most growing small businesses implement 3 core roles.

CEO, CFO, and COO.

But the truth is.

There are actually 4.


What’s interesting is the consistency that I see - where businesses only implement 3 of the core roles.

Likely it’s because technology is an afterthought.

A road less traveled.

Or maybe it’s due to inexperience and depth in business leadership.

Or maybe it’s because business leaders just don’t value the tech in their business.

Whatever the reason.

It’s 4 not 3.

Organizing for The Core 4.

Now I’m not saying that you need to go out and hire people and give them big titles.

Unless that’s your thing.

What I am saying is that…

Successful growing businesses organize their leadership around execution, finance, operations and technology.

Time and time again the business that I work with that experience incredible growth and success are organized with The Core 4.

Regardless of your ability to afford or attract these positions you can still have The Core 4.

For example, many businesses outsource CFO functions.

The 2 most outsourced of The Core 4 functions are finance and tech.

That’s because more often than not these two positions are difficult to attract and keep.

The lack of ability to attract and keep talent with finance and tech in house is primarily due to business size and scope.

A 50 person firm is not sexy to a CIO as a full time job.

It’s just how it is.

The simplest and most logical way to afford and attract talent is outsource.

A quick note.

It is important to understand that when you’re building The Core 4 you’ll need leaders, strategists and thinkers.

Think Generals and Majors - not soldiers and recruits.

Take a look at your business today.

Do you have The Core 4?

And if you don’t.

What are you doing to get there?

It’s hard to grow a business.

Without all of the pieces in place.

You’ll end up wearing many hats.

And doing many things.

Sure, it is the nature of the beast.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Make a plan,

Find the right partners.

Grow your business.

Does your business have The Core 4?